Sunday, June 27, 2010

The weekend....

This weekend is coming to an end and it was a great one!  We went drove all the way to the LA area to attend Joe's cousin's graduation party...~Congratulations Ms. Justine...Oh, how we remember picking you up from Kindergarten and watching you after school and now, wow....You have grown up to become such a beautiful young lady.  ...And Jheremee too, you guys have grown up so much. 

I practiced again, taking shots here and there...These girls take amazing images...They are so photogenic...
Cute little decor surrounded the house...
Here is Ms. Justine...She is so adorable here with her Hawaiian torch dancing man, Ian.  Cutest couple.

Ms. Jher and mommy...and this little one is getting married in January.  C'mon, where has the time gone.  Time is just flying by...I'm just trippin' out that these once little girls are now young ladies!  :(

Then the girls all together!

Took some of the little rascals too...This was the only time I could get them...I promised Soleil only 1 picture but she called me out when I continued to snap away.  Thank goodness Rysie let me snap a couple of her before she bolted out of the room...

Little Rysie just wouldn't be Rysie if she had straight hair!!  The hair is soooo her!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some more new stuff...

My friend Diane took me along on an experience last weekend.  I shot some images at a Wedding Renewal and Quinceanera.  It was pretty long but I got some images I'd like to share...

Alyssa sharing a dance with her grandpa!!!  How cute how she caught me!

Then the moment the Mariachi Band started playing, Danny was just dancing away and didn't stop.  This Mariachi Band was the babysitter for the night, really.  He was just enjoying the sounds with them surrounding him...  :)

I loved their beaded outfits and huge bow ties...Had to capture that!  :) LOL!

With her parents renewing their vows, Marisol had her 15th birthday party as well.  She looked absolutely stunning in her white dress. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lil Eli

While I was at Balboa, Annie met me up there...She loves taking photos too and she's very good at it!  Her subject, Little Eli who is just sooooo cute...Just want to squeeze him.  Here is a photo I got of him today.

Meet The J Family

Wow, it's been one long day!  Second stop Balboa Park at the Alcazar Garden...Beautiful!  J's, you guys are so cute...Thanks for giving me experience.  You guys; awesomeness!  Can't wait till we hit it again in July...

I think Natalie looks really good in this shot!
Quinn being silly!

Loving his bro.... :)

That's a good looking FamBam!!!

Another day tomorrow, thanks to Diane...I'll be on the feet again for a while!  So time to rest it up...:)

I really like this image but darn learn!

After Quinny put himself in time out...he gives his mama a big hugsy wugsy!!!

First up | Baby Danny | Ms. Alyssa | Jakey

Today I'm shooting my friend Dianes little angels.  We are going to shoot these pictures at Kit Carson Park in Escondido. I googled images of what type of settings I would see there and wow!  This park looks so awesome.  Diane always talks about her little guys and thought that this would be a great gift of the 3 together for their parents...I agree!  Alrighty...shoot & show!

So, sneakage peakage!  Kids are really hard, running here and there...Direction, not so easy but I did get good shots...Danny, is a little runner and talker.  Even though I didn't understand a word that he said, there is meaning behind it...he was a joy.  Alyssa has a lot to say to and she was convinced that we were in the jungle while we were on our way to the mosaic sculptures and Jackey...He's just an absolute doll.  He's just a great helper and he is so loving with Danny and Alyssa.  Thanks Diane and Linda for the opportunity.  So, here are some shots...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Shoot and Show...."

I've been reading a lot of blogs and one blog that I just read said "shoot and show, shoot  & show, shoot & show"  So, that's exactly what I'll do...I have a couple of things going on this weekend, 3 occasions I will be shooting to build my experience and I'm pretty excited.  I'm pretty bummed though that my buddy John, who is an amazing photographer, can not make it with me.  I was really looking forward to those tips guy!  It's alright, next time.  So, after I shoot all 3, I will definitely show! 

So be sure to visit...

But I did want to show this great shot of my daughter Nikki.  She's got a lot of practice from her auntie Jess ( so, smiling with the eyes, she's got down. 

And this....We were poolside at a party and the wind was blowing her hair...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Schulz Family {II}

So, my favorite place right now...Old Poway Park!  That place is so cute!  A little town, trains, super nice engineers, little shops, park, picnic area....And a lot of backgrounds and places to take pictures.  So, I met the Schulz Family at this park and took their very 1st family photos...Thanks for the photo opportunity.  The more I practice the more I learn this camera. 

The Schulz Family was a riot!  Alexis is absolutely stunning in her pictures and this girl is only 14.  She is soo tall it's scary.  Then the little on Ms. Shelby, she's a little polite sassy thing.  Just too cute.  In the 8-9 years I've known Cheryl, I've never met her husband, so today was my very first meeting.  John is a clown.  He had jokes, he got beat up by the girls, he wanted royalties, he sweet talked the train engineers to let us take pictures in the trains and the moment he was done taking his photos; he changed.  He's too funny.  Thank you for letting me practice on you guys and thank you for giving me the opportunity to take your 1st family portrait.  You can see the laughter and love in the photos... 

The family being silly and wondering do we chat, look at the camera or what....

The girls started the "give me a fist thing"  so mom and dad got in on that too!

More to come!

Here is a couple more before I turn in...I'll post more tomorrow...

One of my favs...How sweet is that?