Sunday, October 31, 2010

My day in Ladera Ranch

Today was pretty crazy...I had a shoot with 3 families, Vivian Tran, MacLan Duong and Tovan Tran...They are so spunky and full of energy.  Loved working with them.  Their make up rocked thanks to Vivian Tran herself ( She did an awesome job with her beautifying skills.  The colors, make up and happy babies just came out in their images and we enjoyed every minute of it.  Thank you Michelle Ebue for all your help too, you rocked the ornaments.  Nikki my daughter came with us too, she guarded the table,  played with the kids and just rocked her little boom box.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Balat | Penaranda | & Cake Pops, What?

This afternoon I had shoots with a sister team who are owners of a cake pop business...(mmm. they are so yummo) There is another owner as well but she could not make it...Next time, huh? try these little pops and you just can't seem to stop. Next thing you know, GONE!

Here they are wearing their aprons and of course sampling some yummo pops!! Or at least act like they are...

We also did their family pictures as well and they came out just adorable.  As it should, both these families are just too too cute!

The Balat Family

What a beautiful couple....I love this photo!!!

The Cake Pop Crew
Precious Greet & Tasty Treats

And the
Penaranda Family

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Just lovin' Aiden... | La Jolla, CA

This morning I met up with my buddy from work, James!  His sister Ernestina and partner Nora wanted to take some family pictures with their son Aiden.  They were just a joy to photograph.  The eyes on this little guy just make you melt.  We did what we could to make him happy - chocolate - that did the trick for a while...Thanks to Tia Cleo and Tio James little Aiden smiled and laughed...

But the flies there...ewwwww...  So gross!  But the scenery + beautiful family = good times documented!

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Beautiful Girls of New You Weight Loss Clinic

Early this morning I drove up to Pomona Antique Row to meet up with my near and dear friend Rachelle.  She wanted to take office pictures, ooh...OK, cool!  First off, thank goodness there was no rain.  I got to Pomona and met with Rachelle...out came Gayle, Leilani and Kris...Had no idea...

Office pictures....OK you think, sit on a chair, serious, smile (just a little) in your suit or pant suit.  Oh no, these girls jump out of the SUV in coordinating outfits, cute little skirts, red shoes, red belts, accessories, the whole bit.  Not your ordinary "office staff picture"...they made their office staff picture different, stylish and just plain beautiful.  They totally rocked every minute of the shoot.  I'm sure they will brighten up the walls in the office a whole lot more!

We had so much fun...I saw this Pepsi truck driving by and wondered, hmmm....wonder if we could use that?  Kris went off and asked the driver...Who could say no to her?  This guy was so in awe to see 4 beautiful girls sitting in the cargo part of his truck, posing and smiling.  Could you believe he asked me, "Can I take a picture too with my phone, my friends are not going to believe me!"  Hilarious...That was classic...

The girls were causing honking and whistling from the streets...All the images came out gorgeous.  Take a look at a few...So brace yourself; whole Lotta sexy!

Introducing the staff of The New You Weight Loss Clinic
Rachelle, Gayle, Leilani and Kris

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Hizon Family | Sneak Peak

I thought that while driving over to Laguna this morning; we better have a back up plan...But it all worked out...No rain! I met the sweetest family. Baby Ethan has the most infectious giggle and smile. This little guy is so loved by all who surround him. The Hizon Family you guys were a pleasure to meet, i just fell in love with your family...