Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rancho Bernardo Winery | Spencer & Max

Rancho Bernardo Winery...One word!  Awesomebeautifulquaintness.  Is that a word?  Just awesome.  The moment I walked onto the grounds, I was in awe of all the cute little shops, the landscaping, the cool tractors, all the structures and most of all the most friendly people.  While I was waiting for Spencer and Max, I walked the grounds and found a lot of cute signs and old tools hung around everywhere, it just added so much character to the place. 

Then I met Sam and her boys, a pure delight to meet them and the family...We walked around from one end to the other.  I was amazed and just lost for words that the boys were so extremely knowledgeable of all that was grown there (I'm pretty sure they grew up there)...they even gave me and Sam's friend Orlando a little lesson on the Licorice Plant...Spencer started chewing on one and I said to him, "You're really just chewing on it?" And Sam peeled one up and I pinched a piece off and tasted it....YUPP! Licorice it is...

I really enjoyed my time I spent with them at the winery, thank you! A place I will have to take the honey to and if you're in the area....definetly a place to stop at!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Soleil & Rysie

When you live far from family and gets a little tough.  We miss them to pieces, we miss out on the little small things like soccer, baseball, basketball games, recitals, dance classes, funny things they say, those precious moments.  We don't get to see them as much as we would like but we are very fortunate to have these gems in our lives.  When we do get to see them, they are just fun, fun, fun... It's crazy watching these little people grow up, soooooo fast!!!  I guess they didn't get the memo; to stay a kid just for a little while longer...  ;)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baby Ashton | Sneak Peekage

I had the pleasure to photograph The Jones family in  the past before the little bundle made his arrival...It was a pure delight to meet this little man this morning.  He was asleep when we got there but that changed during our visit.  His little feet, little fingers, little yawns and his sudden arm and leg movements were just so precious.  At times he would just lay there and just stare, not a peep...Thank you Micia and Derrick for sharing your little Ashton with me this morning.  He sure did bring sunshine to my morning and my daughter...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ms. Chariah | Growing up...what?

Ms. Chariah....This girl used to come over everyday after school.  Chariah is not a very quiet gal.  Our home suffers a void since she's started middle school last year.  It's much quieter but we miss her little self.  I miss her questions, her willingness to take pictures and her burps.  Man vs. Chariah, Chariah would totally win...
We had a chance to hang out and take some pictures.  Still the same Chariah...just a little bit older.  From elementary to decide!



Nikki my Nikki...

My daughter....Nikki!  Doesn't really like being in front of the camera much...But on this day she asked me, she was actually in the mood.  Had to get her approval first before I could put any images on the blog, how they grow up on you without notice...  So many other great images of her but the "boss" said that these were the only ones I could post. 

I love how she just "looks" like she's having a ball! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Double G + Brandon Leufroy

Thank you first off for those who donated to the Brandon Leufroy Project.  I was able to raise $120 to help with his everyday needs. 

So, Meet Brandon Leufroy...and his wonderful mother Georgianne and spunky sister Gianna.  This year he graduates from Middle School and mom thought of having pictures done where he is looking into the camera (one mom doesn't really have)...   I thought it was going to be really hard to get that image that mom was going to be really happy with.  We got him to sit still and look into the camera and when Mama G looked at the image to approve it, she looked at me and thanked her voice cracked.  You could see the joy she has for her kids. 

Well, then you put a camera in front of his sister Gianna and bribe her with some bubbles....And she's got the whole stance, hand on hip and arch of the back going on...Oh Georgianne, you are in for some trouble with little G.