Friday, August 27, 2010

Roberson | Family | Riverside

When Celine asked me to photograph her family...I could not wait.  I haven't see her since high school.  I've always wanted to see what the Mission Inn looked like and WOW...Beautiful...And just add a beautiful family...Even more WOW!  Emma is a cutie patootie...She carried along her buddies "Baby Anna" and "Tigger".  They hung out with us and had their pictures taken too.  Little Jakee was still sound asleep...But when he woke up, little man is just adorable.  I witness dorkiness, laughter and hotness (i mean it was really really hot, 112 degrees).  After our little walk around the Mission Inn...We stopped off at a cute little bakery that sold cupcakes, Emma had 2...So, we had, well I, had some lunch (thanks Celine) and chatted...I had a really great time. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Introducing Chloe | Baby | Family

Jason has been a long long long time friend. I've known him since Kinder! So, it was special to me to photograph his little beautiful and wiggly daughter Chloe. She was a trooper with all the changing...And you could see the happiness and joy in her parents eyes.  How precious little ones are...She has beautiful eyes and looks a lot like her cousin Jaylen...You both are wonderful parents and I now you will shower this little beauty with lots of love...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It was a yellow weekend...

I had 2 shoots last weekend and I think they got the memo on wearing yellow.  My first family is a friend of mine from work, who is also loves photography.  Last year she had a baby boy name Eli and that little man is just too cute.  The pictures his mommy takes he always has a smile on his face but mommy and daddy informed me that he hasn't smiled for 2 days...{he maybe coming down with something}...But the little guy was a trooper.  It was great to to get images of Ms. Annie with laughter and a smile on her face...Annie you are so beautiful when you flash your pearly whites!  You should do it more often! 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Condor's Nest Ranch | Pala, CA

I had a chance to experience some photog fun last week...Best part, my sissy Jessica Fajardo was with me.  We both went to our first "Shoot Out".  Condor's Nest Ranch was awesome!  All the little details, the barn, the was just so much fun.  We made some friends along with the experience.  Thanks group #4 for the most relaxed setting as I as nervous up the ying yang!!!  Alicia, you were an awesome leader...Would I do it again?  Fo Shiz Oh!!! :)

Kudos to the following for their hard hard work:

Hair pieces: Lauren Christensen
Florist: Karla Amador
Hair: Jessica Hale ...
Makeup: Clarissa Garcia
Gowns:40's gown and 50's gown are by:
Modern gown by worn by Chelsea:

Group Leaders:
Coordinator lead: Elizabeth Luna
Harmony Ayala-Ruiz:
Rita Clifton:
Alicia Salcedo:
Jason Zalmeda:

All the little details...

Chelsea Ravitch
Ian MacAttack

Natalie Brewster
Cole Foley

Annaiz Rzepka

Justine Serrano
Mark A. Laribee

Nicole Hale Marsh