Thursday, March 31, 2011

Itty Bitty Session | Gaoiran Clan

I was just surrounded by amazing families today that just show awesome brother-sister love...And this family is no exception.  Hugs and bigger hugs for each other while they were being photographed and that just makes it easier for me...And you may recognize Ms. Genalyn from a previous family shoot with her own little one - Isaiah, who was there too, just to show off his cuteness. 


Itty Bitty Session | 3 Gals & A Ball of Energy

Now how precious are are these guys?  Camera shy, no...these guys are familiar with the camera only because there parents love to take pictures of them.  Well, wouldn't you with these beautiful faces.  They are a happy bunch...I just can't believe that Rheanna (the oldest) is a high school senior.  Makes me feel kind of old.  Then my god daughters, Rae (wearing pants) and Rhi (wearing skirt) have grown into these beautiful young ladies...I could never tell them apart, kudos to you moms!  Then the ball of energy, the energizer bunny that just keeps going and going...AAHHH....boys!  James is  a looker and he can talk and a total comedian.  This household, never a dull moment!  Love you guys!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Itty Bitty Session | The 3 J's

The 3 J's...Jessalyn, Jacob & Jenessa...such beautiful names!  The love among siblings, like no other.  These guys are just so cute, you could tell they just adore each other.  Jessalyn is just a beauty in front of the camera, must take after moms...Jacob has got the whole GQ down, he's ready for his first spread and then Ms. Jenessa...Well, this girl could take over Vogue if she wanted to, like right now.  She loves to take pictures, pose for them and makes sure you take enough...Just love them to pieces!

Itty Bitty Session | Shelly & Noel

Such a beautiful couple...I haven't met Shelly and Noel (formally) until the day before.  These two are beautiful inside and out.  You can see the playfulness, the love and every else in between with these two.  It was great meeting you both and hopefully we will see each other in the future...

Shelly and Noel's Session --- <3

Itty Bitty Session | Merit Capital Mortgage

When I advertised for the Itty Bitty Sessions I had no idea I would get a call from Tania.  I photographed Joey and his family the beginning of year...So when he asked me for one of the slots I just assumed it was for the girls...No, it was for the men. 

Meet Joey - Paul - Manny of Merit Capital Mortgage.  Go to these guys for any of your mortgage needs.  These guys were awesome, easy to talk with and funny guys.  Thanks for thinking of me to do this for you.  I am truly grateful for it  :)

Here are a couple shots of these guys being bit serious then getting rid of the tie (a little casual)...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

J & J Birthday Celebration | Pump It Up!!!

I think this was probably the largest Pump It Up! Party I've ever seen/been to. There were loads of kids running around and enjoying themselves along with the men playing BBall over in 3 point land...The Birthday Girl (Jenessa) and Birthday Boy (Jacob) were running round having a ball. Sweating and all...They had plenty of friends to join in on the celebration. As they thanked each and every one of their friend they gave them a candy necklace, SOOO CUTE!!!

check out the highlights of the awesome party....

Monday, March 28, 2011

Itty Bitty Session | Theresa Lizada

This little lady is my cousin...When we were kids, she was oh so quiet, shy, my sister and her had bobs with a perm (LOL)...They were the babies...Not so baby anymore.  She has grown up into this beautiful woman who I think looks freakin HOTTTTT!!!  You go Ning (LOL)...  Party it up girl!!  :)

Look at the little duckies surrounding her...
They thought she was hot too!!

Itty Bitty Session | Asprer Family

Adorable family!  They are just so cute...spunky, spunky, spunky!  They were all just full of smiles and laughter and you can see it their images.  I had a great time with them.  I've missed you girl!  I'm really glad we saw each other even it was only for 30 minutes...These two images below...Ms. Madi, she was just bursting with energy, smiles and laughter...Isn't she just adorable.  J, Misa & Madi the three just giving each other some brother sister love!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Inciong Family | Visiting from Arizona

Two friends of mine are here for vacation from Arizona and called me on Thursday to do a family shoot!!!  I'm so glad she called me and scheduled some time...I was really great seeing the two of them and meeting their beautiful children.  Ian, Isabella & Jacob...Oh, Isabella, she's a talker and loves taking pictures...She's just a little ham!  The whole family did awesome.  Little man Jacob had me on my toes though...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Itty Bitty Session #2 | RCRJ

Meet Mama Candace, Pops Randy, Ricky & Jayden...It was a pleasure meeting this really really spunky family.  These guys had me crackin' up.  They just had natural smiles and poses oozing out of them.  Ricky was flexing the muscles, Jayden was making eye contact and listening to direction and mom & dad were making me laugh when they had to do their thing.  They were just the sunshine we didn't have today!  You guys were awesome! 

Itty Bitty Sessions | San Diego | Crystal.Rob.Caleb

Had to admit this morning I was a little nervous about the weather...Weather smeather...We got there and did what we needed to do and got out before the little rain, gusty winds and dark clouds came in.  Crystal took advantage of the Itty Bitty Session with her beautiful family.  I've done Crystal and Rob's engagement photos so it was just icing on the cake when you add that little Caleb on top!  He is just a joy...Full of spunk and smiles.  He had me laughing with his version of little kisses...yeah, he's ready to be all grown...LOL.  You can see that love when they are all together and I'm really glad that I was able to capture that for them!