Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 - Trajen's 1st Thanksgiving...

This year we had a special addition to the clan.  This has been our 3rd year having Thanksgiving here.  It's always a joy to have the family here in our home, sitting around, eating, talking and cackling...I got some awesome shots of Trajen man and mommy and the cousins...This year plus one! 

Love him in his little bear hat, puckering his lips, showing off his new teeth, sitting with the grown kids...He's just too cute.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Stodola Family | Sneak Peak

When I got a phone call from Carolyn asking me to photograph her family, I was delighted to...She had told me that photographers often have a hard time trying to get her little man Hudson to smile.  She told me that we had our work cut out for us.  He is one tough cookie...My friend and I, Michelle must have looked like crazy ladies, coo-ing and speaking in our falsetto voices.  But when it came down to it, mommy and daddy pulled off the little grins we got from him.  I was just hoping to capture it in time.  Mommy said she thought he was just born "an old soul"...And if so, he is one sweet old soul! 

Alaan-Cotter Shoot Video

Enjoy!!!  Merry Christmas Alaan-Cotter-Gaoiran Families!!!  I know this buddle of cuteness will bring all the more smiles for the holidays!!!



Off of work...Not! Today I had the opportunity to take some awesome shots of one of the most cutest families! Introducing The Alaan-Cotter Family, meet little Isaiah. He's cute as a button, just a butterball, if you ask me. Such a good little baby. Mommy and Daddy have so much love for this little man, they couldn't stop kissing him. I wouldn't be able to stop either, I just wanted to put this little guy in my pocket and go home! Alaan-Cotter Family, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your family portrait...I am deeply honored, your new Tita Tanya :)

The Tuason-Libang Family Shoot Video

Merry Christmas Tuason-Libang Family...

I've worked with Leilani on a previous shoot and she's just a radiant beauty,  her family is just the same.  Along with her main man Ray Libang and son Justin they made the most perfect family.  They were such a fun funky bunch.  The kids followed me wherever I needed them to go and just flashed the pearly whites with no problems.  Towards the end of the shoot Leilani and Ray had their time to shine and they just cracked up and laughed, maybe because we all were watching them and making them ner-bous...Thanks guys for such a great time today!  We should do this again next year!  :)  

Monday, November 22, 2010

SueAnn | Jeoff Sneak Peak

My cousin Sueann came to San Diego for a visit and while they were here we did a little shoot.  We enjoyed your short visit, it's our turn next time!  Promise.  They weren't feeling too hot but we got some good shots anyways over at Balboa Park. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I had a shoot with 3 families, Vivian Tran, MacLan Duong and Tovan Tran...They are so spunky and full of energy. Loved working with them. Their make up rocked thanks to Vivian Tran herself ( She did an awesome job with her beautifying skills. The colors, make up and happy babies just came out in their images and we enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you Michelle Ebue for all your help too, you rocked the ornaments. Nikki my daughter came with us too, she guarded the table, played with the kids and just rocked her little boom box.

Here are a couple of my favs from the 3 shoots...

The Duong Family

The Nguyen Family

The Blankenship Family

The Duong Family Video | Ladera Ranch

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Excuse the mess!

FINALLY!  He finally broke down and said, "OK,  I will work on your website!"  Thanks honey for your hard work, it's looking good!  Hey, he's cheap...only asking to be paid in favors...LOL!

So, please oh please, excuse the mess while we are under construction.  The blog is up and it has a fresh new look...come check it out!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Blankenship Family Video

3 little boys!  They were just a joy to work with...And moms and pops didn't need much direction, you could tell by the way they look at each other that there's love!  They are too cute! 

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Perez Family | Pasadena City Hall

We've know this family for a long while through Joyce Ybarra's family. Our kids pretty much grew up together. To watch these kids grow up is just crazy. They were a fun little bunch. Had such a great time with the kids...Elaine and Dave were just too funny when it came to their couple pictures...Dave you look so GQ! :)

The Ybarra Family | My family | Pasadena City Hall

I had the highest honor of photographing this wonderful and most beautiful family.  My sister in law Joyce and her husband Joe and 2 little munchkins Rysie and Soleil.  They were so fun...The girls just made me laugh...If you know these little girls you know how much they love role playing, imaginary play and top secret missions.  So, that's what we did...We were on a mission to find a good spot and just take the cutest picture, "a surprise for mommy and daddy"...I think, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"  But I would love to post those but mommy and daddy, of course, would need to see those first. 

Love you guys and thank you!!!