Sunday, July 29, 2012

Senior year 2013

Meet Ninee, Tia and James!  Sneak peek of these beautiful kiddos, getting ready for their senior year!!!




Iwashika Family

Should be illegal to be this stinking cute, right?  This little man, Liam was born into a family that just adores him to pieces.  He's such a chunker with his blue eyes and reddish hair...Can't wait wait to see if he keeps both of those strong features...You take one look at him and you just melt, can't you tell his parents just go bananas over him. 


Thursday, July 12, 2012

AVI | Her Court | Her Family

That was one fabulous party,  definitely celebrated her 18th birthday in style.  Avi had 8 of her closest girlfriends join her in her court and they performed their version of the waltz, hip hop style.  Avi also performed in a solo hula act that had me a little teary eyed.  What amazed me though, how mom managed to arrange the seniors of the ASB to sing to her & surprise her with hula performances by her auntie and cousins.  Totally brought tears to her eyes! 
Thank you Ilog family for such a wonderful night and I am sure without a doubt Avi will remember this day for a long long time...Mom and Dad you did good!  :)