Monday, September 24, 2012

The Travis Family Fun Day!!! | Old Poway Park

I was really excited to see the Travis family once again.  The last time I saw them Kai was only 7 days new...And now, he's 6 months old and by the looks of it, sooo ready to jump up and walk.  He's sitting up, crawling (a little) and standing with mom and dads help of course.  Kai is super duper adorable but he did make me work!  There is no doubt that Mom and Dad love this little guy, they smothered him with kisses and lots of love!

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Tran Family | English Springs Park

On this Saturday afternoon, I spent some time with the Tran family.  It was a hot day, that's for sure...Off the charts, if you ask me!  The kids were great though, the heat didn't bother them.  They were all smiles and did such a great job.  A hot day wouldn't be complete without some water, so the boys (and mommy) had some fun throwing some water balloons at daddy!!!

Baby Marcos | 7 Days New

This little man...Was just an absolute joy.  He's was mostly in "milk coma" but he did let out a little smiles here and there...He was really nice to my assistant friend Sandy.  He didn't disappoint with the peeing and pooing!  
Marcos, I can't wait to watch you grow!  See you in a couple months...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Orocio Family | LA County Fair

The Orocio family is one amazing family that I had the privileged of finally meeting up with!!!  We went to the LA County Fair to shoot their family pictures.  The fair is so them!  They are truly an adorable family...they are silly and so much fun to be around!!!  The weather was bad, like really really bad!  It didn't ruin our time though.  We had a blast just doing things the Orocio family would do and that was spending time together and having fun doing it!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

San Diego's commute just got better...103.7 Energy | The AJ Show

I had an opportunity to shoot AJ, Hula, Dorothy and Tonya to promote their new radio show, "The AJ Show" on San Diego's Energy 103.7.  I was so nervous the day of this shoot and the drizzle didn't help.  It just made me more nervous.  It was truly an honor meeting these guys and capturing images that show their friendship.  I enjoyed chatting with them and having them jump on AJ (which was quite entertaining).  They laughed at each other's jokes and definitely brought their supermodel status up to the plate.  I do have to admit as a listener, when I heard AJ and the rest of the crew's voices together behind me, I was a little confused. Was there a radio on?  LOL.  Their shoot went amazing and Dorothy and Tonya were all done up by Desiree of  WOW Your beauty concierge who did a fine job.

~~You guys will definitely rock the airwaves with your voices, there are many San Diegans cheering this morning on there way to work!!! Welcome Back The AJ Show San Diego missed you!!! Check them out on 103.7 Energy...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Congratulations Post

When I shot these two a couple years back...I knew these two were in love.  I mean, geez, look at the way they look at each other in these images and the laughter they show...

I wish you a both a wonderful time with family and friends in the beautiful island of Hawaii.  Tomorrow you will be married and enjoying life together as Mr. and Mrs.  Congratulations to you, Noel and Shelly!!!