Sunday, October 30, 2011

Palafox-Eustaquio Families Unite!

This was a fun day!  Balloons, big teddy bears and beautiful chairs...Rose knew what she wanted.  i never met Rose before but the moment I met her, actually the moment I spoke with her on the phone...It's like I knew her for a long time.  She had me laughing and turns out she freaking awesome when it comes to detail!  She may have to come with me one day on another shoot!  LOL!  But the funny thing was her husband Alvin and I used to work together at a place that I think everyone and their moms worked, Verity!  We're all connected or know each other from somewhere...So, it was very nice to meet up with him again and to meet his huge, beautiful and lovable family! 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Aurelio | Rose & their cuties

The Danese clan and I spend some time in La Jolla at the WindanSea Beach Sunday morning.  It was surprisingly cold there and I was a little concerned that it may be a little too cold for the kids.  The kids were so excited just to run around in the sand so they warmed up pretty fast.  They were just a joy, they were so good with taking their pictures.  Armando, the oldest, told me that one day they are going to be in the movies... :) and I believe him!  Aurelio was great with helping Rose and I climb up and down the rocks while the kids just jumped from here to there with no problems...Must be the age :)  But what melted my heart was when I heard Armando say, while hugging his mom, "This is the best day ever!"  How sweet was that? 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Greg | Joy & their precious girls

We finally meet!  It's been a while trying to set up a session.  I'm so glad this wonderful family did.  They are just sweet as can be and their girls are just cute, cute and a bunch more cutes!  When we were all done, I had to praise the girls for doing such a good job.  I told Ms. Olivia, "You did such a great job, you were awesome!" And her reply to me....This is just hilarious, "I'm a genius!" That you are Ms. Olivia.  Hope we meet again soon! 

Ray | Lani and their fab four

After a long drive in traffic to San Diego...You can image the stress stuck in traffic and with kids who have to use the restroom...It was quite a morning for them.  They arrived in San Diego at Balboa Park ready to rock it!  Of course they did great regardless of the rough morning they had coming into town!  This image just says it all...Here's a quick sneak peek at the fun shoot we had inside the Balboa Park International Houses. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Alinas Family | A little bit of morning sunshine

It's always good to see family!  These little guys were a burst of morning sunshine on Saturday!  It was my first time meeting Lincoln Jed since he made his appearance and he's just soo adorable.  He was mellow and calm, such a good baby.  The little ones CJ and Anahlee were just awesome too, they were really good at listening...But I did have something they really liked, gummy bears!  So, I don't know, was it the gummy bears?  (I doubt, they are just sweethearts!)  They did so good throughout the whole shoot, my daughter Nikki just gave them the rest of the box, they ate it right up :)!