Friday, June 18, 2010

First up | Baby Danny | Ms. Alyssa | Jakey

Today I'm shooting my friend Dianes little angels.  We are going to shoot these pictures at Kit Carson Park in Escondido. I googled images of what type of settings I would see there and wow!  This park looks so awesome.  Diane always talks about her little guys and thought that this would be a great gift of the 3 together for their parents...I agree!  Alrighty...shoot & show!

So, sneakage peakage!  Kids are really hard, running here and there...Direction, not so easy but I did get good shots...Danny, is a little runner and talker.  Even though I didn't understand a word that he said, there is meaning behind it...he was a joy.  Alyssa has a lot to say to and she was convinced that we were in the jungle while we were on our way to the mosaic sculptures and Jackey...He's just an absolute doll.  He's just a great helper and he is so loving with Danny and Alyssa.  Thanks Diane and Linda for the opportunity.  So, here are some shots...

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