Friday, June 4, 2010

The first session with Nikki and Chariah...

The first time I played the with camera was outside in our backyard.  My two subjects; my daughter Nikki and our family friends daughter Chariah.  They were both just eager and ready to just pose and smile for me.  After this day, Chariah always asked me where's the camera. 
These shots of Chariah are so sweet....This girl is a riot!  Not shy in front of the camera, absolutely loves being a little poser.

And Nikki, she's a little shy and probably is wondering why mom has gone paparazzi on her...She'll thank me when she gets married and she has this awesome slide show of photos of her when she a kid...she warms up to the camera and she's just so beautiful.  I love the close up of her in BW,  you can even see me in her eyeball!!!  :)

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