Sunday, June 10, 2012

Project "Chimi" Shoot 2 Hula & Yoli

Project "Chimi".  Shoot 2 was so much fun.  I teamed up with Elyse Iwashika of EMI Artistry on this Maternity/Couple shoot and soo soo glad that I did.  She did a superb job on Yolanda's hair and makeup.  We told her she looked like a goddess while shooting her in at Mission Trails...They both beamed with love as they held the baby bump and gave each other kisses.  They are truly a beautiful couple inside and out...

Hula and Yoli, I had a blast with you guys even after everything... the bee sting on my foot, the almost stepping in doggy boo boo, parking 82 miles away from your house, the prickly weeds in my legs at Mission Trails and "Gato" getting her nails into my pants...LOL.  You're images are beautiful and the emotion in them say it all...You both will be amazing parents. 

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