Friday, July 29, 2011

True Love | Paul & Arlyn

     Paul and Arlyn met on Memorial Day weekend on a cruise with mutual friends.  They didn't start "officially" dating until weeks after the cruise.  After their first date, they met each other at St. Bernard’s Catholic Church to attend mass. What a wonderful way to start off a relationship with great powerful faith.  They married in the same church where their faith in GOD will shower them with a strong marriage. 
     Paul and Arlyn were blessed with 3 baby angels. Alyssa (12/20/01), Kaitlyn (8/8/02) and Shaun (7/26/06)… When she told me of their story, I was deeply saddened.  I asked myself how did they get through such a tremendous loss, not 1 time but 3.  When I met them, I knew...Their love is so so powerful and their faith is their foundation that truly binds and pulls them through. 
     I was truly blessed to work with these two and witness their love that they have for one another first hand.  It's not often you see a couple like these two, holding hands and the love oozing out of there eyes, LITERALLY!  Sammy and I looked at each other a couple of times and just said, "Aren't they soo darn cute?"  The images speak for themselves, you can see and feel the love in every shot. 
     A day after their shoot, Arlyn texted me:

"P and I cannot stop talking about how much fun we had yesterday.  It was a very long day and we are very grateful for yours and Sammy's time...positively memorable.  For me, it's like I fell in love with him all over again :)"

    I am lost for words!  After watching the two of them, I fell in love with them!!

Many Many thanks and kisses to you wonderful people!!! :)
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