Friday, July 2, 2010

Up late AGAIN!!!

Well, this is keeping me up late!  My stampin' hobby has been replaced...  :)

 These images were taken at the Balboa Park museum walkway, daddy had us walking the whole park.  Our kids are the perfect subjects, easier to direct, right...A good friend of mine has been giving me good advice about what I should look for while taking photos and the constructive critiques sting a bit but hey...that's what this blog is for, for me at least.  I learn a lot more when he guides me on what to do and not do...My other mentor my sissy, has also given me good pointers as she learns.  Thanks to you both, I feel your guidance has helped me grasp the techniques better and {hopefully} made me a bit  better at shooting my subjects.  Y'all are awesome! 

I wanted to make my mark somehow and I didn't want to fork over the moo-lah just yet to purchase one...So, I stayed up playing with that darn CS program to make my own...CS almost won and I almost gave up but I wouldn't sleep until I finally finished it!  So, I can now put my name on my images!  yay me!

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